What are market signals?

Market signals are a prediction of the trend that an asset is going to have in a certain period of time and with a degree of certainty. For example, the asset price will go up (call) when the next hour finishes, with a level of certainty of 8.

What do I need to start with market signals?

To receive single market signals you have to create an account and login to view signals.

With the available signals you only have to enter your trading platform and operate.

If you don’t have a binary options broker to operate with, you can check the listing at this link.

Does the service of market signals have any cost?

No, the creation of the account and access to market signals is free and indefinite.

How do I increase the amount of market signals?

Each user type has a number of alarms and signals defined, in order to increase the number of signals, you should participate in the community providing website content, recommend the site to new traders, or register and deposit in a broker while logged into your account.

How does the website make money if services are free?

The purpose of the website is to provide value to the user, but without having to pay for it; the sending alarms and signals collection systems have a high cost, and that cost is paid by brokers commissions, that pay for each Trader who registers from the site, in this way, we take advantage of the growth of the Trader who in a very simple way, tests the new platforms and new brokers.

-You can see the categories of users following this link

How can I collaborate with the community?

The best way to collaborate with the community is making improvement proposals, contributing with ideas and content.

If you have an idea, video, indicator or item of value that you want to contribute with you can get in touch with

What is the scale of levels of certainty?

Certainty levels vary between 1 and 10, being 1 the lowest probability of occurrence. A level of certainty of 10 does not mean that in reality the prediction will be fulfilled 100% of the times, it means it is the best prediction the calculation system can make.

What level of success of the signals?

Signals are provided by a professional server and has a success rate of more than 80 for series of 70 trades and with a level of certainty between 8 and 10 points.

How do I use market signals to make money?

Market signals are a tool to make binary options operations or forex successfully, but it is always advisable to use the judgment to accompany all decisions.

You can see an example of operation at this link.